Thursday, May 18, 2017

Incident at Hawks Hill


I believe the theme of this story is to never, ever give up. I believe this is the theme because Ben never gave up his life, and he always ate what he could even if it was gross. Another reason I think the theme is to never give up is because Ben's family never stopped searching for him even after two months.

Character Trait:

I think I would like to have William MacDonalds character trait in the book because he was so persistent. William never gave up looking for Ben. Also Williams attitude changed to non-understanding to loving. I want to be able to never give up on anything I do. That is why I want William MacDonalds character traits.

Friday, May 5, 2017

what happened this week!

This week in ELA lots of things happened. We had to study vocal for Incident at Hawks Hill that was pretty easy. Also we worked on our career letters. I am really starting to like IAHH because the author is such an amazing writer. Now I am writing this blog about what happened this week. Ok, ok not that many things happened this week. I just made it sound like there was.😂

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Longer school day!!

I believe we should have a longer school day, but at the exception of also getting longer summer,christmas, and spring breaks. See if we are in school longer we don't have rush subjects in school; we can take time and make sure all the students understand the subject. Also we can have in school activities rather than out. This will take the stress of our parents because they always have to remember what time we have activities and where there at. In conclusion we should have longer school days, BUT only if we have longer breaks.👌

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

future career

Also in class we are picking our future careers. For my future career I want to be an aerospace engineer. Also as a part time job I will be a surf instructor in Hawaii. Why you ask do I want to have two very different jobs? Because I have to have fun and be serious at the same time... obviously!😂 Ok I think I have figured it out. I would like to work at NASA as an Aerospace Engineer. I may write to the top aerospace engineer of NASA. A few questions I will ask are what do you do on a daily basis, is your job stressful, do you get to meet the astronauts, and some other questions also. Why I want this job is because I love building and designing things.

Incident at Hawks Hill

In class we started reading a book called Incident at Hawk's Hill .  I like this book because the use of literature is very easy to understand yet at my reading level it is also challenging.(if that makes any sense what so ever) I am excited to read this book because after we finish the book school will be out for summer. I am also excited about this book because Ben the main character takes to animals and I think that is very adorable.😆

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fake News... Yah or Nah

          Today we read a Newsela about fake news, and one about War of the Worlds. Fake news is when someone makes up a story and posts it online. When a person does this quite a few people believe what they posted is true. This causes a dilemma in right and wrong. There are many similarities between these two articles because they both involve how fake news effected our society. All Im trying to say is don't believe all that you see on the internet.😉

Thursday, April 20, 2017

10 lines of Tempest and meaning of Tempest

I translated the first ten lines of Act II, Scene 1 in the "The Tempest".

Gonzalo: I ask you, sir, be happy there is a reason.
We have joy to release stress.
 We have lots of loss.
 We show sorrow very commonly.
Many people share our distress.
 It shows how long we can hold our ground.
 Not many peeps speak like us.
 When we are smart and actually try to think it blocks out our sadness with comfort.

Alonso: Please, peace

The values I learned from "The Tempest"
What I learned from the Tempest is to always forgive others no matter how bad their crime is. I believe this because although someone may seen bad there actions are sometimes caused by anger from another person or they are not well, so that person needs help. Another thing I learned is to never judge a book by its cover. I believe this because Prospero seemed like he wanted revenge on his brother, but in the end it turned out he didn't.